Instagram bite Snapchat, the flash war of the 24h stories.

Instagram bite Snapchat, the flash war of the 24h stories.
What possible scenario could we expect now ?

The announcement is online, the new update launched on Instagram is available on our devices. Instagram introduce ‘stories’ a new feature characterized by ephemeral content available only 24 hours from the posting.

Instagram ‘stories’ allows users to post on their profile (both business and private) a video content in addition to their pictures. The multimedia video content as stated above remains available only for 24. It means that the followers have relatively a short period of time to interact with your post, in this case called ‘stories’. The layout side has been shaped accordingly for this new introduction. In fact, there is a new row with avatars, that appears inside a small circular bubble. It is possible to upload a video up to 10 seconds long that it will take part of our daily stories.


If you use or just heard about Snapchat, this new update launched by Instagram could sound familiar. It obviously looks like a strategic step that Instagram has undertaken in order to stop the growth of its rival.

But what are the main differences at the moment between the 24h stories features that both social media now run?

The base of this video feature is nearly the same. Both of them allow user to post their story for a limited time lapse. In both of them it is possible to interact directly with stories texting the user and by swiping up the screen to see who have seen your contents. The main difference visible at first glance is represented by the customizable options that the video itself contains. Snapchat gives you an option to customize your video a little bit more by applying filters and geo-filters, temperature adhesives or a speed stick.

The launch of ‘stories’ represents a strong signal, an obvious attempt to eat the Snapchat users. Instagram provides a good reason to its existing users to remain loyal as even more attractive than before and on top of that, more appealing than Snapchat.

Why has the Instagram decided to move forward that direction?

Snapchat, the social media of the ephemeral content was monopolizing the market. Instagram instead has been growing its audience in another type of market, the one of the picture, the editing and hashtags. With this strategic move, Instagram has decided to openly face the the leader of the market for them yet unknown.

Could this aggressive step be the right one to terminate the Snapchat’s dominance in the ephemeral multimedia world?

I assume that the cultural influence will again play an important role in this social media battle. The U.S. with its huge snapchat base of 58.6 million users would be surely more resistant to new Instagram feature, as already in love with popular ghost app. To erode this number and  replace the Snapchat will not be easy. On the other side, in the countries such as Italy, where the amount of snapchat users is still low (only 678 thousands users). The  tendency to try new things is certainly incomparable to U.S., the Instagram,  that Italians are simply used to, could easily convince the potential snapchatters to stitch to their routine and already known tool, especially if providing them the similar options as the competitor.

As Darwin say: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

The social media platform that would be open and faster to adapt itself to its user’s needs, will be the one successful in this game.

What possible scenario could we expect,  from your point of view?

Feel free to leave a comment below, and share with us your personal view.

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